Toss The Toxins Course

Toss The Toxins Course

Follow along as we walk you through a step-by-step process to remove products that pollute your home and body.

Getting Started

  • 01: Why Toss The Toxins?

    01: Why Toss The Toxins?

  • 02: Common Barriers

    02: Common Barriers

  • 03: Storing Toxic Products

    03: Storing Toxic Products

  • 04: Vetting Ingredients on Labels

    04: Vetting Ingredients on Labels

Toss by category

  • 05: Pesticides

    05: Pesticides

  • 06: Cleaning Products

    06: Cleaning Products

  • 07: Laundry Products

    07: Laundry Products

  • 08: Fragrance

    08: Fragrance

  • 09: Personal Care Products

    09: Personal Care Products

  • 10: Plastics

    10: Plastics

  • 11: Water

    11: Water

  • 12: Food

    12: Food

  • 13: Emotions

    13: Emotions

Meet Your Instructors

  • Allison's Story

    Allison's Story

  • Kelly's Story

    Kelly's Story

  • Marilee's Story

    Marilee's Story

What people are saying

  • “It was an important day when I cleared all of the bottles, boxes and cans of household cleaning chemicals totally out of my house. The air improved 100%. It makes a huge difference for me to live in a safe space without harmful chemicals. I am able to breathe more easily and my body is more comfortable now that they are gone. I have been so grateful to experience the difference.”


  • After I tossed the toxins, I feel like the air was cleaner, my body could fall asleep faster, I could stay asleep, my energy level was better. My husband was struggling with allergies, but after making sure that our diet was clean, our environment was clean, those things were completely improved. That’s when I just got so excited because I realized it could really help you and change your whole life.”


  • "I suffer from a rare digestive illness called abdominal migraine’s. There's not a ton of solid research or treatments and being someone who prefers to eat my food like medicine so that I don't end up eating my medicine like food, I got to say, well done. This website has given me so much insight and helped with navigating wholesome treatments for myself that can help improve the quality of my life even if they don't relate to my illness. It's a huge resource for my healing and wellness."


  • "Making simple changes like removing cleaning products and other toxic products has made significant changes in our son. We realized he was quite sensitive so we went the extra mile. We took everything out of his room except his bed and removed old things we were storing in his closet. He is a different child. Obedient, focused, and happy!"


  • “I have an autoimmune disease and am extremely sensitive to chemicals and fragrances. I was getting hives, blisters, and lesions on my skin every night due to the detergent I was using. They didn’t begin to heal until I detoxed my house and began using Branch Basics. It may sound dramatic, but you guys gave me my life back. Thank you!


  • "I was really getting tired of researching and trying to figure out the least toxic products for cleaning, dishwashing, laundry, you name it. This makes it so easy and it really works."


  • "Was thinking this morning about people that have changed my life and this company has truly changed my life so I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the founders and everyone who works at Branch Basics! I have learned so much from your resources, swapped out all my products, transformed my diet and healed my gut. I am just so grateful for everything this company does and stands for."


  • "Just getting started on “Tossing the Toxins.” Branch Basics is a great replacement for all the toxic products I’m tossing out. I must admit, It’s a challenge to toss products I’ve used for years. But once I realized these products contain harmful toxins, it all makes sense. Thank you Branch Basics."


  • "Branch Basics has helped me quickly get rid of highly toxic cleaning chemicals to aid in the healing of imbalanced hormones, brain fog, memory loss and other health impairments. Also your educational information has helped me transition my beauty products, household goods and food to more conscious decisions/choices for myself and my family to ensure health in the long term."


  • "This is so wonderful! I cleaned out my laundry room this weekend and was shocked by how much I have been "holding on to". This process is very eye opening! I have been aware that my products and choices matter for some time, and for the most part, my current choices are better. However, they are not clean enough and I was storing a lot of toxins in my home! I threw away 1.5 trash bags in this room alone! I can have a hard time discarding items because of the money spent. Your videos address this beautifully and make it very easy to discard."


Success Stories

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  • Noelle’s Story

  • Allison's Story

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  • Latasha's Story