Recommended Products From the Course

Branch Basics | December 06, 2022

Recommended Products From the Course

Here you'll find our tried-and-true, favorite non-toxic products. Please keep in mind, these are just our own favorites! If you do you research and find other non-toxic alternatives that work for you, keep using them! We all have different preferences, likes and dislikes.

This is just a starting point for your non-toxic journey!

Our Recommended Products By Video

Video 03: Storing Toxic Products

Storage Bins

Storage Bins:

Sterlite containers are a type of plastic that are BPA and phthalate free. But that doesn't mean it is a non-toxic plastic as there are many chemicals used to make plastics that are harmful. In fact, you can smell a new Sterlite container! That is a toxic red flag and means VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are being emitted. 

If you will need to keep a Sterlite box inside your home, we recommend you outgas the box in the sun until there is no plastic odor. This will at least eliminate the VOCs that come from plastics and make it safer in the home.

  • Sterilite sealed containers needed only if you have an attached garage or have to keep products in the home. The products need to be contained in an airtight box so the VOCs don’t escape. 
  • Smaller Sterilite containers are best used for personal care products (that could be kept in the home until replaced) and essential oil products (kept out until the trial time period is over or to be kept within the home later) to protect the air quality.
  • All gasketed Sterilite containers

Watch this Sterilite Gasket Boxes video for more information.

    Video 05: Pesticides

    Video 06: Cleaning Products

      Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

      Household Cleaning:

      Whitener, Brightener and Natural Bleach Alternative:

      Dishwasher Tablets: 

      Natural Disinfectant: 

      Distilled White Vinegar 

      Baking Soda

      Video 07: Laundry Products

      Non-Toxic Laundry Products

      Laundry Detergent: 

      Dryer Sheets:

      Organic Cotton Clothing:

      Organic Cotton Sheets:

      Video 08: Fragrance

      Fragrance Alternatives

      Beeswax Candles:

      Personal Care:

        Video 09: Personal Care

        Non-Toxic Personal Care Products

        All Personal Care:

        Fragrance-Free Personal Care:

        Video 10: Plastics 

        Plastic Alternatives


          Food Storage:

            Household items:


            Video 11: Water


            Reverse Osmosis vending machine: The most economical water filter is reverse osmosis purified water from a vending machine at grocery stores. It costs between 25 to 35 cents a gallon.

            Buy at store: If you're going to buy your water from a water store or a vending machine, it’s a good idea to have your own digital TDS meter so you can monitor the water yourself. They’re inexpensive and super easy to use. You want an ideal reading of 5 to 10, but it shouldn’t be any higher than 15 to 20.  

            Home Delivery Service: If you don’t want to fill up water at a store dispenser, there are home delivery options available in many areas. It’s more convenient, but also more expensive. Mountain Valley Spring Water in glass bottles is a good option. Mountain Valley Water is tested daily by a quality control staff and is rigorously monitored for pH, bacteria, viruses, total dissolved solids and chemical contamination. 

            Countertop Gravity Filter: A third economical option is a gravity filter that sits on top of your counter. The Ultra Gravity Emergency Filter from CWR Environmental has a cleanable ceramic filter, filters to .5 microns, removes fluoride and heavy metals, and addresses chloramines. 

            KDF Shower Filter: Removes chlorine, its by-products, and other harmful chemicals.*

            *If your water has chloramines, you can add 1,000 mg. of Vitamin C to a full bath as an inexpensive way to neutralize chlorine and chloramines. Just add 1 teaspoon of Vitamin C powder to your bath water 2-5 minutes before entering the bath.

            *To absorb even more toxins, you can add Bentonite Clay after adding Vitamin C. Mix 2 Tablespoons Bentonite Clay in a glass jar of water and shake. Pour into the bath water after the Vitamin C has been in the bath for about 5 minutes. Upon contact with liquid, bentonite clay absorbs toxins from the water.  

            Whole House Filters: The ultimate in water filtration are whole house filters, an ideal choice for those who wish to simultaneously remove contaminants from their drinking, cooking, and bathing water using one system. They should be customized to remove a range of contaminants, not just chlorine. Note: these are the most costly systems.

            Video 12: Food

            Healthy Food Brands



            Healthy Swaps:


            Video 13: Emotions

            Emotional Resources